The main research interests of my group are in the area of microwave engineering with emphasis on the analysis and design of passive microwave components and antennas.
Some key application areas, research themes, underpinning capabilities, in-house facilities and software packages are described below. For detailed research contributions lease also refer to journal and conference publications .

Application Areas: Wireless Communications Antenna & RF Components for Space Industrial Scientific and Biomedical RF

  • Communication system design
  • Cellular communications: Antenna and front-end technology for 5G systems
  • Satellite communications: VSAT for mobile platforms
  • Channel measurement and sounding technology
  • Solutions for multibeam satcom antennas
  • Technologies to enhance agility of spaceborne antennas and components
  • RF components for enhancing payload spectrum efficiency
  • Technology transfer: Space to Terrestrial
  • Microwave curing for electronics packaging
  • Microwave induced hyperthermia
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • Near and far-field radar sensing
  • Microwave spectroscopy and material characterisation

Key Underpinning Capabilities:
  • Antenna design
    • mm-wave in-package/on-chip
    • travelling and leaky wave
    • small antennas
    • antenna feeding networks
  • Passive RF & mm-wave component analysis and design
  • Non-linear RF & mm-wave components and subsystems
  • Packaging:
    • LCP
    • LTCC
    • SU-8
    • PTFE
  • Device characterisation and modelling
  • Quasi-optical RF/mm-wave components
    • Frequency Selective Surfaces
    • Polarisers
    • Diplexers
    • Circular Polarisation Selective Surfaces
  • Multipactor analysis and mitigation
  • UHF distributed components and antennas
  • Ka & Q/V-band components and subsystems
  • Reconfigurable nematic liquid crystal technology
  • Analogue Signal Processing
    • RF Lenses
    • Dispersion Engineering
    • Time delay optics
  • Near-field electromagnetics and evanescent waves
  • Radomes and Radar Cross Section modification
  • FMCW and Dopler radar
  • Metamaterials
  • Numerical techniques
  • Analytical techniques

In-House Facilities:
  • 4x2 MIMO Testbed
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Time Domain Signal Analysis
  • Signal Generation
  • Semi-anechoic environment
  • VNA/PNA up to 50 GHz (4-port test-set)
  • RF probe station
  • Far-field anechoic chamber (5x3x2 m3)
  • Near-field antenna testing (planar 1.2x1.2 m2)
  • Wet Etching
  • Polymer MEMS
  • Full LTCC processing
  • High Power Laser Etching
  • 3-axis CNC
  • 3D printing
  • Bonding press

Available Software Packages:
  • Agilent SystemVue
  • Agilent ADS
  • AWR Microwave Office
  • Syscal
  • Ansoft HFSS
  • CST Microwave Studio
  • Sonnet
  • Mician uWave Wizard
  • In-house MoM for FSS
  • Extensive library of specialised filter design packages