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All meetings will be held Thursdays at 16:30 in EMB Room G19/20, unless indicated otherwise.

Please contact Tom Bishop if you could present in one of the available slots!

Upcoming disscussions

Date Presenter Paper details
23 Sep 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Tenenbaum et al. "A Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction"  |  pdf
30 Sep 10 Available!  
7 Oct 10 Available!  

Past discussions

Date Presenter Paper details
19 Nov 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Sunkavalli et al. "Visibility Subspaces: Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo with Shadows"  |  pdf
29 Oct 10 Tom Bishop Afonso et al. "Fast Image Recovery Using Variable Splitting and Constrained Optimization"  |  pdf
08 Oct 10 Qingxu Dou Jianguo Li "Bundled Depth-Map Merging for Multi-View Stereo"  |  pdf
30 Sep 10 Eleonora D'Arca Boiman & Irani "Detecting Irregularities in Images and in Video"  |  pdf
23 Sep 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Tenenbaum et al. "A Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction"  |  pdf
16 Sep 10 Daniele Perrone Xu and Jia "Two-phase kernel estimation for robust motion deblurring"  |  pdf Gupta et al. "Single Image Deblurring Using Motion Density Functions"  |  pdf
09 Sep 10 Tom Bishop Levin et al. "Linear View Synthesis Using a Dimensionality Gap Light Field Prior"  |  pdf
26 Aug 10 Paolo Favaro Chambolle "An Algorithm for Total Variation Minimization and Applications"  |  pdf
20 Aug 10 Paolo Favaro Eriksson et al. "Efficient Computation of Robust Low-Rank Matrix Approximations in the Presence of Missing Data using the L1 Norm"  |  pdf
13 Aug 10 Manuel Martinello Agrawal et al. "Optimal Coded Sampling for Temporal Super-Resolution"  |  pdf
30 Jul 10 Qingxu Dou Lafarge et al. "Hybrid multi-view reconstruction by jump-diffusion"  |  pdf
23 Jul 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Ecker et al. "Polynomial Shape from Shading"  |  pdf
16 Jul 10 Daniele Perrone Peng et al. "RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images"  |  pdf
9 Jul 10 Video Lecture "Learning 3D Models from a Single Still Image"  |  web link to video
28 May 10 Jonathan Letham Letham et al. "Contextual smoothing of image segmentation"  |  pdf
14 May 10 Tom Bishop Zibulevsky et al. "L1-L2 Optimization in Signal and Image Processing"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
Jan-May 10 Paolo Favaro, Tom Bishop, and Alex Belyaev Boyd and Vandenberghe "Convex optimisation" Book  |  Author's web page  |  pdf

Past discussions — 2009

Date Presenter Paper details
Oct-Dec 09 Paolo Favaro, Tom Bishop, and Alex Belyaev Boyd and Vandenberghe "Convex optimisation" Book  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
Jul-Sep 09 Various Video Lectures
16 Jun 09 Paolo Favaro Seitz et al. "Filter Flow"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
04 Jun 09 Daniel Clark Clark et al. "Probability Hypothesis Density filters for Dynamic Clustering"  |  Author's web page
21 Apr 09 Jing Ye Hernandez-Marin et al. "Bayesian Analysis of Lidar Signals with Multiple Returns"  |  pdf
14 Apr 09 Qingxu Dou Kolev et al. "Propagated Photoconsistency and Convexity in Variational Multiview 3D Reconstruction"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
09 Apr 09 Tom Bishop Bishop et al. "Light Field Superresolution: A Bayesian Approach"  |  Author's web page
12 Mar 09 Wasit Limprasert Vogiatzis et al. "Multiview Stereo via Volumetric Graph-Cuts and Occlusion Robust Photo-Consistency"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
05 Mar 09 Yuki Morimoto Morimoto et al. "Visual Simulation of Dyeing Cloth"  |  Author's presentation materials
26 Feb 09 Manuel Martinello Boykov & Kolmogorov "An Experimental Comparison of Min-Cut/Max-Flow Algorithms for Energy Minimization in Vision"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
19 Feb 09 Toni Linares Bugeau et al. "Track and Cut: Simultaneous Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Objects with Graph Cuts"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
05 Feb 09 Patrick Harding Torralba et al. "Contextual guidance of eye movements and attention in real-world scenes: The role of global features on object search"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
29 Jan 09 Qingxu Dou Campbell et al. "Using Multiple Hypotheses to Improve Depth-Maps for Multi-View Stereo"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf

Past discussions — 2008

Date Presenter Paper details
18 Dec 08 Hitoshi Yamauchi Yamauchi et al. Image Restoration using Multiresolution Texture Synthesis and Image Inpainting  |  pdf

11 Dec 08 Mads Demenikov Blanchet et al. Measuring the Gloabal Phase Coherence of an Image  |  pdf

4 Dec 08 Paolo Favaro Romberg Imaging via Compressive Sampling  |  Author's web page  |  pdf

27 Nov 08 Jing Ye Green Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Computation and Bayesian Model Determination  |  Author's web page  |  pdf

20 Nov 08 Qingxu Dou Treuille et al. "Example-Based Stereo with General BRDFs"  |  pdf

Hertzmann & Seitz "Shape and Materials by Example: A Photometric Stereo Approach"  |  pdf

13 Nov 08 Sara Zanetti Aggarwal et al. On cosine-fourth and vignetting effects in real lenses  |  pdf
06 Nov08 Tom Bishop Levin et al. Understanding camera trade-offs through a Bayesian analysis of light field projections  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
30 Oct 08 Paolo Favaro Brox et al. High accuracy optical flow estimation based on a theory for warping  |  Author's page  |  corresponding article pdf
23 Oct 08 Shin Yoshizawa Yoshizawa Natural-Looking Variational Mesh Deformation  |  Author's page  |  slides pdf  |  corresponding article pdf
22 Aug 08 Manuel Martinello Liang et al. Programmable Aperture Photography: Multiplexed Light Field Acquisition  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
15 Aug 08 Sara Zanetti Veeraraghavan et al. Dappled Photography: Mask Enhanced Cameras for Heterodyned Light Fields and Coded Aperture Refocusing  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
01 Aug 08 Nikos Yiotis Mitra et al. Dynamic Geometry Registration  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
25 Jul 08 Paolo Favaro Sand & Teller Particle Video: Long-Range Motion Estimation using Point Trajectories  |  article pdf  |  DOI
20 Jun 08 Mads Demenikov Yap & Raveendran Image focus measure based on Chebyshev moments  |  article pdf  |  DOI
13 Jun 08 Alexander Belyaev

Ohtake, Belyaev & Seidel Ridge-valley lines on meshes via implicit surface fitting  |  article pdf  |  DOI

Yoshizawa, Belyaev, Yokota & Seidel Fast and Faithful Geometric Algorithm for Detecting Crest Lines on Meshes  |  article pdf  |  DOI
06 Jun 08 Tom Bishop Roth & Black Fields of Experts: a framework for learning image priors  |  Author's page  |  pdf  | 
30 May 08 Stefan Matzka Mita et al, 2008 Discriminative Feature Co-Occurrence Selection for Object Detection  |  article pdf
23 May 08 Patrick Harding Lowe, 2004 Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
16 May 08 Tom Vettenburg Zomet & Nayar, 2006 — Lensless Imaging with a Controllable Aperture  |  Author's page  |  slides pdf  |  article pdf
09 May 08 Alexander Belyaev Sundaramoorthi Sobolev Active Contours  |  Author's page  |  slides pdf
02 May 08 Tom Bishop Ng, 2005 — Fourier Slice Photography  |  Author's page  |  pdf  |  DOI

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