Imaging Concepts Group


Current Members

Dr Andy Harvey

-General dabbler in subjects below



Ied Al Abboud

-Spectral imaging of the retina

Alistair Gorman

-Snapshot spectral imaging at thermal infrared wavelengths

Beatriz Grafulla

-Modelling of mm-wave personnel scanners as part of the ATRIUM project

Bertrand Lucotte 

-Millimetre-wave aperture synthesis using radiometric SAR 

-Wavefront coding

Dr Gonzalo Muyo

-Wavefront coding for alleviation of optical aberrations

-Snapshot spectral imaging of the Retina

Dr Eirini Theofanidou

-Spectral imaging of the rat retina


External Research Students
Robert Stead (Thales Optronics)
Gez Wong (Selex, Edinburgh)
Ruth Montgomery (NPL)
-The role of texture in hyperspectral imagery'
Patrick Harding (Thales Optronics)
Caroline Stedman (Gooch and Housego)
Past Members

Dr Asloob Mudassar (2001-2005)

-Thesis 'Bandpass Fourier telescopy for aperture synthesis imaging'

Sonny Ramachandran (2002-2005)

-Spectral imaging of the retina

-Sadly, died of leukemia 14th October 2005

Dr Colin Fraser (2003-2005)

-Optical Field Encryption

Dr David Fletcher-Holmes (2000-2005)

-Development of novel spectral imaging instrumentation

-now at CRI Inc

Dr Doug Payne (2000-2004) (external: QinetiQ)

-Thesis: 'Simulating Pereceived 3D Images Replayed by Computer Generated Holograms'

Joanne Lawlor (2000-2003)

-Spectral imaging of the retina

Dr Samir Mezouari (1999-2003)

-Thesis: 'Wavefront coding foralleviation of aberrations in incoherent imaging systems'

-Now at Visteon

Dr Tracey Hanlon (1999-2000 - at Cranfield)

-Hyperspectral imaging


Contact Details

Dr Andy Harvey FInstP

School of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Room 2.5, Mountbatten Building

Heriot Watt University

Edinburgh EH14 4AS



T:+44 (0)131 451 3356

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