Fourat S. Haider

PhD student, Advanced Wireless Technologies (AWiTec) Lab

Vision, Image and Signal Processing Group

Joint Research Institute for Signal and Image Processing
Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh EH14 4AS, UK

Office: EM 2.32
Phone: +44-131-451 4177
Fax:     +44-131-451 4155

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Fourat received his Bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering/ Communication Engineering from the University of Technology, Iraq, in 2004. He has finished his MSc with Distinction at Brunel University, UK, 2009.  From 2004 to 2005, he worked as a Cisco Filed engineer in Arrawasi company (a Cisco‘s partners in Iraq). From 2005 to 2007, he worked as a senior network engineer in Asiacell company, a mobile operator in Iraq. In 2009 He has joined a European project (Pre-drive project) in Surrey University to develop a HLA-based simulation integration. He has also been working as a technical engineer in Hutchison 3G (a mobile operator in the UK).  He received the IEEE ICCT'11 Best Paper Awards in 2011. Since December 2010, he has been a PhD student at Heriot-Watt University and University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK, under the supervision of Prof. Cheng-Xiang Wang, Heriot-Watt University and Prof. Harald Haas, University of Edinburgh.  



·        Research Project:

- Radio Resource Management for Cognitive Green Communication Networks

·        Research Interests:

-Cognitive radio networks

-Energy-efficient (green) communications

-Spectral-energy efficiency fundamental trade-off

-Energy-Efficient resource allocation

-HSPA and LTE cellular systems

-Femtocell & Mobile Femtocell 

-HLA-based simulation integration




·         Graduated with distinction form Brunel University, 2008, UK

·         Ministry of Communication scholarship, 2007, Iraq

·         1st Year Postgraduate Research Prize, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2011.



·        Refereed Journal Papers (2): 

1.      C.-X. Wang, F. Haider, X. Gao, X.-H. You, Y. Yang, D. Yuan, H. Aggoune, H. Haas, S. Fletcher, and E. Hepsaydir, “Cellular architecture and key technologies for 5G wireless communication networks,” IEEE Commun. Mag., vol. 52, no. 2, Feb. 2014.

2.      F. Haider, C.-X. Wang, H. Haas, D. Yuan, H. Wang, X. Gao, X.-H. You, and E. Hepsaydir, “Spectral-Energy Efficiency Tradeoff for Mobile Femtocell Networks with Resource Partitioning Schemes,”  submitted for publication.

3.      F. Haider, C.-X. Wang, H. Haas, and E. Hepsaydir, “Capacity and Energy Efficiency Analysis for Cognitive Radio Networks,” in preparation.


·        Refereed Conference Papers (6):

1.      F.  Haider, C.-X. Wang, H. Haas, E. Hepsaydir, and X. Ge, “' Energy-efficient subcarrier-and-bit allocation in multi-user OFDMA systems,” in Proc. IEEE VTC’12-Spring, Yokohama, Japan, May 2012 accepted for publication.

2.      F. Haider, C.-X. Wang, H. Haas, D. Yuan, H. Wang, X. Gao, X.-H. You, and E. Hepsaydir, “Spectral efficiency analysis of mobile femtocell based cellular systems,” Proc. IEEE ICCT’11, Jinan, China, Sept. 2011(PDF). --Best Paper Award

3.    F. Haider, C.-X. Wang, X. Hong, H. Haas, D. Yuan, and E. Hepsaydir, “Spectral-energy efficiency tradeoff in cognitive radio networks with peak interference power constraints,” invited paper, Proc. IEEE ICCT’11, Jinan, China, Sept. 2011 (PDF). --Best Paper Award

4.      F.  Haider, E.Hepsaydir, N. Binucci,Performance Analysis of LTE-Advanced Networks in Different Spectrum Bands”, IEEE WiAd, London, UK, Jun. 2011.

5.    F.  Haider, M.Dianati, R. Tafazolli, A Simulation Based Study of Mobile Femtocell Assisted LTE Networks”, IEEE IWCMC’11, Istanbul, Turkey, Jul. 2011.

6.    F.  Haider, E. Hepsaydir, N.  Binucci,Performance analysis of a live mobile broadband- HSDPA network”, IEEE VTC’11-Spring, Budapest, Hungary, May 2011.



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