This reading group is associated with the Visionlab.

Meetings happen every Wednesday afternoon and alternate between one of two formats.

  • Week one: technical progress updates on research work being done in the lab.
  • Week two: a discussion centered around papers or videos on a particular topic. A list of topics of interest is given below, along with people most associated with a particular area.

Topics and areas of interest

Person detection + video or general object detection


Tracking in video: estimation & filtering


Sparse representation

Sushma Bomma

Human action and gait recognition

Tenika Whytock

Real-time implementation with OpenCV/GPU

Wasit Limprasert, Calum Blair

Audio localisation & tracking

Eleonora D'Arca

Speaker recognition

Eleonora D'Arca

Gesture recognition

Claire Morand
Kinect Claire Morand, Neil Robertson

Hyperspectral LIDAR

Daniel Martinez

contact: calum blair, cgb7 at hw dot ac dot uk