About the Journal Club

Posted on April 24th, 2008 by Tom

The Journal Club is for the VISP Group and any other interested parties to discuss research. The main objective is to create a research background and culture (e.g., awareness of what has been done and is being done in vision and graphics) and to develop critical analysis skills (mostly to the benefit of students). The main role of the organizers will be to ensure that the chosen topics of discussion are significant enough to raise a discussion and provide useful knowledge. The club is coordinated by Thoma Papadhimitri.


The club meets weekly on Thursday Afternoons for about an hour beginning at 2pm. Each week a presenter will lead the discussion by giving an informal presentation of the chosen paper during the first half of the meeting. In the second half, we will concentrate on an open discussion of the merits of the paper and how it fits into the wider literature.

The chosen paper will be announced a week in advance; participants should ideally read the paper beforehand, to gain familiarity with the overall concepts. However, our goal is to help eveyone to understand the important parts of the paper, and you will still hopefully learn something even if you haven't read it in advance. The club should help everyone to learn more quickly and be a fun and efficient way of sharing our knowledge.

All participants will take a turn in presenting; the presenters role is to read the paper carefully and be able to summarise the important points, and to raise topics for discussion. To keep the distinction between a seminar we would like to avoid the use of prepared slides if possible and use the board or OHP, though a projector is available to display the paper itself. We would encourage anyone to ask questions or provide input during the presentation to keep things lively.

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