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All meetings will be held Thursdays at 14:00 in EMB Room G19/20, unless indicated otherwise.

Please contact Thoma Papadhimitri if you could present in one of the available slots!

Upcoming disscussions

Date Presenter Paper details
1 Dec 11 Sushma Bomma Fang et al. "2D Sparse Signal Recovery via 2D Orthogonal Matching Pursuit"  |  pdf
8 Dec 11 Available!  
15 Dec 11 Available!  

Past discussions

Date Presenter Paper details
13 Oct 11 Daniele Perrone Cho et al. "Handling Outliers in Non-blind Image Deconvolution"  |  pdf
21 Apr 11 Qingxou Dou Xi et al. "An Iterative Surface Evolution Algorithmfor Multiview Stereo"  |  pdf
14 Apr 11 Thoma Papadhimitri Chandraker et al. "A Theory of Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown Isotropic Reflectances"- Part 2  |  pdf
24 Mar 11 Thoma Papadhimitri Chandraker et al. "A Theory of Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown Isotropic Reflectances"- Part 1  |  pdf
17 Mar 11 Daniele Perrone Mairal et al. "Non-local Sparse Models for Image Restoration"  |  pdf
10 Mar 11 Paolo Favaro Dai et al. "Element-Wise Factorization for N-View Projective Rectonstruction"  |  pdf
3 Mar 11 Claire Morand Hoey et al. "Value Directed Human Behavior Analysis from Video Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes"  |  pdf
24 Feb 24 Manuel Martinello Hasinoff et al. "A Layer-Based Restoration Framework for Variable-Aperture Photography"  |  pdf
17 Feb 11 Tom Bishop Wang et al. "Multi-scale blind motion deblurring using local minimum"  |  pdf
10 Feb 11 Tenika Whytock PhD Project: "Vision-Based Human Action Recognition"  | 
3 Feb 11 Qingxou Dou Schindler et al. "Probabilistic Temporal Inference on Reconstructed 3D Scenes"  |  pdf
27 Gen 11 Daniele Perrone Cho et al. "A Content-Aware Image Prior"  |  pdf

Past discussions — 2010

Date Presenter Paper details
19 Nov 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Sunkavalli et al. "Visibility Subspaces: Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo with Shadows"  |  pdf
29 Oct 10 Tom Bishop Afonso et al. "Fast Image Recovery Using Variable Splitting and Constrained Optimization"  |  pdf
08 Oct 10 Qingxu Dou Jianguo Li "Bundled Depth-Map Merging for Multi-View Stereo"  |  pdf
30 Sep 10 Eleonora D'Arca Boiman & Irani"Detecting Irregularities in Images and in Video"  |  pdf
23 Sep 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Tenenbaum et al. "A Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction"  |  pdf
16 Sep 10 Daniele Perrone Xu and Jia "Two-phase kernel estimation for robust motion deblurring"  |  pdf Gupta et al. "Single Image Deblurring Using Motion Density Functions"  |  pdf
09 Sep 10 Tom Bishop Levin et al. "Linear View Synthesis Using a Dimensionality Gap Light Field Prior"  |  pdf
26 Aug 10 Paolo Favaro Chambolle "An Algorithm for Total Variation Minimization and Applications"  |  pdf
20 Aug 10 Paolo Favaro Eriksson et al. "Efficient Computation of Robust Low-Rank Matrix Approximations in the Presence of Missing Data using the L1 Norm"  |  pdf
13 Aug 10 Manuel Martinello Agrawal et al. "Optimal Coded Sampling for Temporal Super-Resolution"  |  pdf
30 Jul 10 Qingxu Dou Lafarge et al. "Hybrid multi-view reconstruction by jump-diffusion"  |  pdf
23 Jul 10 Thoma Papadhimitri Ecker et al. "Polynomial Shape from Shading"  |  pdf
16 Jul 10 Daniele Perrone Peng et al. "RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images"  |  pdf
9 Jul 10 Video Lecture "Learning 3D Models from a Single Still Image"  |  web link to video
28 May 10 Jonathan Letham Letham et al. "Contextual smoothing of image segmentation"  |  pdf
14 May 10 Tom Bishop Zibulevsky et al. "L1-L2 Optimization in Signal and Image Processing"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
Jan-May 10 Paolo Favaro, Tom Bishop, and Alex Belyaev Boyd and Vandenberghe "Convex optimisation" Book  |  Author's web page  |  pdf

Past discussions — 2009

Date Presenter Paper details
Oct-Dec 09 Paolo Favaro, Tom Bishop, and Alex Belyaev Boyd and Vandenberghe "Convex optimisation" Book  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
Jul-Sep 09 Various Video Lectures
16 Jun 09 Paolo Favaro Seitz et al. "Filter Flow"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
04 Jun 09 Daniel Clark Clark et al. "Probability Hypothesis Density filters for Dynamic Clustering"  |  Author's web page
21 Apr 09 Jing Ye Hernandez-Marin et al. "Bayesian Analysis of Lidar Signals with Multiple Returns"  |  pdf
14 Apr 09 Qingxu Dou Kolev et al. "Propagated Photoconsistency and Convexity in Variational Multiview 3D Reconstruction"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
09 Apr 09 Tom Bishop Bishop et al. "Light Field Superresolution: A Bayesian Approach"  |  Author's web page
12 Mar 09 Wasit Limprasert Vogiatzis et al. "Multiview Stereo via Volumetric Graph-Cuts and Occlusion Robust Photo-Consistency"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
05 Mar 09 Yuki Morimoto Morimoto et al. "Visual Simulation of Dyeing Cloth"  |  Author's presentation materials
26 Feb 09 Manuel Martinello Boykov & Kolmogorov "An Experimental Comparison of Min-Cut/Max-Flow Algorithms for Energy Minimization in Vision"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
19 Feb 09 Toni Linares Bugeau et al. "Track and Cut: Simultaneous Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Objects with Graph Cuts"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
05 Feb 09 Patrick Harding Torralba et al. "Contextual guidance of eye movements and attention in real-world scenes: The role of global features on object search"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
29 Jan 09 Qingxu Dou Campbell et al. "Using Multiple Hypotheses to Improve Depth-Maps for Multi-View Stereo"  |  Author's web page  |  pdf

Past discussions — 2008

Date Presenter Paper details
18 Dec 08 Hitoshi Yamauchi Yamauchi et al. Image Restoration using Multiresolution Texture Synthesis and Image Inpainting  |  pdf
11 Dec 08 Mads Demenikov Blanchet et al. Measuring the Gloabal Phase Coherence of an Image  |  pdf
4 Dec 08 Paolo Favaro Romberg Imaging via Compressive Sampling  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
27 Nov 08 Jing Ye Green Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Computation and Bayesian Model Determination  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
20 Nov 08 Qingxu Dou Treuille et al. "Example-Based Stereo with General BRDFs"  |  pdf

Hertzmann & Seitz"Shape and Materials by Example: A Photometric Stereo Approach"  |  pdf

13 Nov 08 Sara Zanetti Aggarwal et al. On cosine-fourth and vignetting effects in real lenses  |  pdf
06 Nov08 Tom Bishop Levin et al. Understanding camera trade-offs through a Bayesian analysis of light field projections  |  Author's web page  |  pdf
30 Oct 08 Paolo Favaro Brox et al. High accuracy optical flow estimation based on a theory for warping  |  Author's page  |  corresponding article pdf
23 Oct 08 Shin Yoshizawa Yoshizawa Natural-Looking Variational Mesh Deformation  |  Author's page  |  slides pdf  |  corresponding article pdf
22 Aug 08 Manuel Martinello Liang et al. Programmable Aperture Photography: Multiplexed Light Field Acquisition  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
15 Aug 08 Sara Zanetti Veeraraghavan et al. Dappled Photography: Mask Enhanced Cameras for Heterodyned Light Fields and Coded Aperture Refocusing  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
01 Aug 08 Nikos Yiotis Mitra et al. Dynamic Geometry Registration  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
25 Jul 08 Paolo Favaro Sand & Teller Particle Video: Long-Range Motion Estimation using Point Trajectories  |  article pdf  |  DOI
20 Jun 08 Mads Demenikov Yap & Raveendran Image focus measure based on Chebyshev moments  |  article pdf  |  DOI
13 Jun 08 Alexander Belyaev

Ohtake, Belyaev & Seidel Ridge-valley lines on meshes via implicit surface fitting  |  article pdf  |  DOI

Yoshizawa, Belyaev, Yokota & Seidel Fast and Faithful Geometric Algorithm for Detecting Crest Lines on Meshes  |  article pdf  |  DOI
06 Jun 08 Tom Bishop Roth & BlackFields of Experts: a framework for learning image priors  |  Author's page  |  pdf  | 
30 May 08 Stefan Matzka Mita et al, 2008 Discriminative Feature Co-Occurrence Selection for Object Detection  |  article pdf
23 May 08 Patrick Harding Lowe, 2004 Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints  |  Author's page  |  article pdf
16 May 08 Tom Vettenburg Zomet & Nayar, 2006 — Lensless Imaging with a Controllable Aperture  |  Author's page  |  slides pdf  |  article pdf
09 May 08 Alexander Belyaev Sundaramoorthi Sobolev Active Contours  |  Author's page  |  slides pdf
02 May 08 Tom Bishop Ng, 2005 — Fourier Slice Photography  |  Author's page  |  pdf  |  DOI

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