Tissue Mechanics Laboratory


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Principal Investigator

Yuhang Chen


Yuhang Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biomechanics


E-mail: y.chen AT hw.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 131 451 4386

Office: JN 2.32


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Postdoctoral Researchers


Solenn Le Pense, Ph.D. (S.Le_Pense AT hw.ac.uk)

B.Sc., Paris VI (2006);       M.Sc., École des Ponts ParisTech (2010);       Ph.D., Université Paris-Est (2013)


EPSRC(EP/K036939): A Novel Diagnostic Tool: from Structural Health Monitoring to Tissue Quality Prediction



Graduate Students


Javier Palacio Torralba, PhD candidate (jp153 AT hw.ac.uk)

B.Eng. (2010) M.Eng. (2013), University of Zaragoza

Co-advisor: Prof. Bob Reuben


Mechanics and Diagnostics of Prostate Tissue


Frank Yntema, PhD candidate (fjy30 AT hw.ac.uk)

M.Eng., Heriot-Watt University (2013)

Co-advisor: Prof. Jim Ritche


In Vivo Modelling of Tissue-scaffold System


Judith Abolle,  PhD candidate (cja31 AT hw.ac.uk)

B.Eng. M.Eng., University of East London

Co-advisor: Prof. Bob Reuben


Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Steel Pipes for Impact Detection


Behnam Esfandiar,  PhD candidate (be40 AT hw.ac.uk)

M.Sc., Politecnico di Milano (2013);      B.Sc., Azad University, Marvdasht (2010)

Co-advisor: Prof. Bob Reuben


Tissue Mechanics: Multiscale Modelling and Structural Pathology



Swati,  PhD candidate (s-1 AT hw.ac.uk)

M.Sc., University of Dundee (2012);      B.Tech., Bharath University, Chennai (2010)

Co-advisor: Prof. Bob Reuben


Development of a Novel Diagnostic Tool for Angioplasty


Jessica Barkhuisen,  PhD candidate (jlb2 AT hw.ac.uk)

M.Sc., University of Edinburgh  (2014);      B.Sci., University of Edinburgh (2013)

Co-advisor: Dr. Nik Willoughby (IB3)





Undergraduate Research Students


Akmyrat Myradov


Virtual histological modelling for diseased coronary arteries


Nikhil Singh


Development of an ex-vivo testing platform for angioplasty


Graeme Churchill


Gas Compressor, J3302


Martin George


On the design of compliant mechanisms in multiple length-scales


Bartlomiej Kornacki

Bridging the scales for biological complex: Heterogeneity v.s. Homogeneity



Giovanni Pesare 2012-2013

Undergraduate research student Funded by Erasmus Scheme

Sapienza University of Rome

Varun Varadharajan 2012-2013

Undergraduate research student

Heriot-Watt University

Kayleigh Rix 2012-2013

Undergraduate research student

Heriot-Watt University



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